reign of hellfire

My name is Eugenia Sims. I've spent most of my life running away. Hiding. But now.. I have the power to make a difference. And I'm going to use it.

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          “No. No nononono, darling, no. No, I’m not gonna kill you. You’re 
          worth so much more to me alive. Nah, I won’t kill you.” He almost 
          adds ‘not yet’, but he decides to keep that little tidbit a secret for 

                    “I’m not — ‘m not worth anything.”

     [ It’s a lie, and she knows he knows that, but desperation does funny things to the subconscious mind. She shrinks away from him, eyes falling more towards his feet and she pauses, drawing a shaky breath. ]

                          “I-I’m not, so just — let me go.”

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if you cant handle me at my worst then leave because i dont have a best im always awful

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          “Kill you?” He sounds completely appalled, like the blood dripping 
          from his hands isn’t a good enough indicator that something really 
          terrible could happen to her. “No, no no nonono, why would I kill 


                        “You just — you just killed that guy, and — “

     [ Her head’s starting to spin and she really might be getting sick. The air is thick with the scent of copper and her shoulders tremble ever so softly. ]

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          “You’d swear you’d never seen a little blood before.”

     [ She feels like she might be a little sick. ]

                   ” — Are you gonna kill me?”

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au; crushed // of things that make their homes in our skin


"You can always nap in my bed if you want," and it’s not meant to be sexual and he’s dead serious about it because he knows he’s got some comfortable blankets and they’re warm and it’s hard to get up in the morning because they swallow him whole and and…he just wants to make sure she’s okay, "And I don’t know. I brought a ton of my dvds back with me and I was just gonna glance through them and pick something."

His smile is soft and tired and he’s exhausted and there’s a possibility that he might doze off as well but there’s this weird protective thing that rears up in him that says no no don’t let her be alone and he nods to himself without meaning to, swallowing hard as he nods towards the boarding house and leads the way, walking slowly, calm in the silence that hangs between them. Technically she can’t be in his room but when has he ever given a shit about the school’s rules? Never. The answer would be never. 

She knows his intentions. After the first time he’d pushed, pushed with words she didn’t deserve, compliments and passing remarks that reddened the tips of her ears, she’d made it at least a little clear that she wasn’t comfortable. After that things had.. sort of settled between them. She was.. a little more at ease with him and to be honest it scares her, right to her core, because letting someone in isn’t something she does, yet here was this stubborn, argumentative, and surprisingly sweet punk kid worming his way past layer after layer of defenses that had stood proud and impenetrable for years.

She resigns herself to following him, shifting her hand to cover those glaring marks, and lifts her eyes towards the sky. If she could take off, right now, just fly away in the wind she’d take the first chance. Get her head to a clear space where pressure and people who hurt her didn’t exist, couldn’t exist, and couldn’t drag her back down. Slowly, she shakes her head, and jogs slightly to catch up with her friend, coming to his side. If someone were to stop them she had an excuse prepared — tutoring, he just needs to get something, I’m so sorry for the trouble. But they pass into the building without incident, and with a well-timed trip to his room, she’s at his door and casting a nervous glance over her shoulder.

"You’re gonna get me in trouble one of these days. You know that, right?"
An uneasy smile flickers over her features, fingers coming to rub over sore skin.

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do u ever feel like no one actually wants to talk to you or even likes you

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au; crushed // of things that make their homes in our skin


Her skin is paper and Delsin can see the words that were once written, and twice erased. He notices during class but doesn’t say much. He keeps going on as usually and so does she but she seems so much more downtrodden and a little sad, a little more quiet, interacting with him a little less. There’s a feeling that festers in his gut and he’s dreading it he doesn’t want to ask her because people asked about his and he hated talking about it but maybe he’s over thinking this maybe just maybe.

"Genia," he says as he catches up with her later, and the day is winding down and classes are out, "Do…you wanna come back to my room with me and hang out for awhile? I wanna watch a movie, or something. And doing that by yourself is a pretty shitty experience." His eyes catch the bruises on her arm but they lift quick, and he gives her a hopeful smile, "I just stocked up on the good shit too. Skittles, popcorn, you name it. I have it." 

She’d never really had much luck with makeup.
These bruises were darker than usual and, even when hidden under her sleeve they felt glaring and bright and purple and she’s.. ashamed of herself. For lack of fighting back, or for having earned them, she isn’t quite sure. Most of the day passes without incident, something she is endlessly grateful for. Fingers play at the edge of her sleeve in unease, and God she hopes she can just go back to her room and lay down for a while, just to be in the quiet and the calm on her own.

To be frank, she’s more surprised at herself when Delsin approaches with his offer. She moves, subconsciously, to cover the blue and purple and yellow blemishes on her skin, and for a fraction of a second she feels his eyes on them and she knows, knows for certain he’ll say something and finds herself sad? Disappointed? Relieved when he doesn’t. She chews softly on the inside of her cheek. This.. quasi-friendship of theirs had stirred up lots of whispers, but if going with him means peace and quiet (even with the constant buzz of whatever movie he wants to watch) she will go eagerly.

"I’m — yeah. I just was gonna.. probably take a nap if I’m being honest."
She shrugs, the corner of her lip twitching upwards, “What movie?”

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Injuries Reference List


If you’re writing anything where your characters are getting injured a lot, it might be helpful to have an injuries reference list on hand. WELL, DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT BECAUSE I CREATED ONE. This is mostly the result of me having to look up something every time a character was gravely injured/being a lifeguard for seven years. I have some knowledge of first aid and how it might apply to the characters in your story.

Simple scrapes/cuts: There’s usually not much to worry about besides MAYBE an infection, which can be avoided with rubbing alcohol or peroxide. Remember, peroxide usually doesn’t burn or sting, but rubbing alcohol probably will.  These injuries will bleed for a short amount of time, but it shouldn’t last too long.

Bruising: These occur when the blood vessels break under the skin, forming discoloration of the skin. The colors can vary, but they are usually purplish, bluish, or yellow. Again, this injury is usually not serious if it’s a result of a bump or cut, but if there’s significant bruising over a large area of the body there might be a serious problem. Usually time heals bruising.

Sprains: A sprain is torn or stretched ligament, but it is NOT a break. It is very common for someone to sprain an ankle or a wrist and it usually doesn’t require serious medical attention. The area might swell and should be iced. Sprains are usually treated with rest and a device that compresses the area—such as a sling or a bandage.

Broken bones (arms, fingers, legs, toes): Breaks can be serious, especially if they have to be set back into place. A person will most likely not be able to put pressure on a broken bone until it is healed (which could take weeks). A broken bone is REALLY serious when it fractures or breaks through the skin completely. If you write a character in this sort of situation, they will need to worry about infection and they might have to wait until the swelling goes down before splitting or covering.

Burns: Obviously, there are different degrees of burns, but simple burns will most likely be treated the same. Even the smallest burns will probably sting like hell, so it can be hard to function with an untreated burn. SERIOUS burns might require amputation (I’m talking about maybe 3rd to 4th degree burns). As a 1st degree burn is healing, it might itch—think how sunburn starts to itch after a while.

Broken back: A broken back can lead to paralysis, so you need to be very careful with how you treat someone. Your characters shouldn’t be throwing anyone over their shoulders with a back injury because it will only lead to more serious problems. If you suspect that someone has broken or injured their back, you need to keep them still until there is a way to safely move them.

Amputation: This happens when the removal of a body part because necessary to someone’s survival.If someone has a bad infection or there’s no way to stop the bleeding (you’ve applied a tourniquet, which will most likely end up causing an amputation later), a character might have to amputate in a serious situation.

Dislocated limb: If a bone “pops” out of its socket, a character might have to put it back into place. A dislocated limb restricts movement, so your character might not be able to go forward until the situation is resolved. Arms and fingers are commonly dislocated and there will probably be pain when they’re set back into place. Those limbs should be rested and iced to prevent swelling.

Jammed fingers: If you get your finger caught in a door, for example, and it doesn’t break; you might have a jammed finger. I’ve had a few of these in my life, which usually causes bruising and some pain, but it heals on its own. These types of injuries can be from jamming your fingers against something hard and you might lose a finger nail. They will most likely hurt for a while until they are healed.

Stab wounds: These are usually deep cuts by a knife or a sword or another sharp object. They need to be treated, as they are prone to infection, and they should be bandaged. If the bleeding is excessively bad, a common way to stop the bleeding is to get stitches or cauterize the wound. Cauterization is the process of burning the wound in order to seal it up. Think of lightsabers in Star Wars. No one bleeds when they’re cut because the “blade” of the lightsaber cauterizes the wound as it cuts. Your characters might have to stitch someone or cauterize someone in an emergency situation.

Gunshot wounds: Getting shot is a serious/life threatening situation, so your characters would need immediate medical attention.In an emergency situation, the bullet might have to be dug out and the wound cauterized if the bleeding is severe. If the bullet goes in and out, you might just have to worry about infection and covering the wound. A gunshot wound will be painful and will take a while to heal. If someone is shot in the leg, they will have trouble walking. The limbs will need time to heal.

Poisoning: This is a wide topic that could include food poisoning to being poisoned by another character, but they will probably feel very sick. Symptoms will include vomiting, dehydration, diarrhea, etc. Your character might get severe stomach aches and will not be able to function.  Being poisoned can be deadly and can happen quickly. A medicine called Ipecac will induce vomiting in order to get the poisons out of someone’s symptoms, but will not work for EVERYTHING. Further treatment might be necessary.

Stomach wound: A person with a stomach wound will not last very long without addressing it. If it is deep enough, it will kill off your character unless the bleeding and infection can be stopped. Infection is usually what kills people with stomach wounds or gunshot wounds.

This is a list to be used for WRITING purposes only. Obviously you should call a doctor or get emergency treatment if something is serious. I also wrote this list assuming that your characters don’t have access to medical professionals, so keep that in mind. Hope this helps!

-Kris Noel

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